Valentines for Daphne

Recently, our students heard of a little girl here in Virginia who was very sick…they banded together to make her Valentine’s Day extra special!

Our students are hard at work putting smiles into handmade cards!

Our students are hard at work putting smiles into handmade cards!

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Keenan sends his love.

Keenan sends his love.

Kale sends Daphne all his best hopes.

Kale sends Daphne all his best hopes.

Alyssa has a smile to go with all the love!

Alyssa has a smile to go with all the love!

Bella's card is FULL of love!

Bella’s card is FULL of love!

Students Present the Service at Stanley SDA Church

Our students’ hard work and dedication paid off as they presented a lovely church service last Saturday at the Stanley Seventh-day Adventist Church. They led the songs, presented a student-written skit, sang a special song, played the handbells and preached their very own sermons.


First and third graders play David and his sheep in an original skit co-written by fifth-seventh grade.


Goliath can’t believe David is serious.



David isn’t about to be intimidated by Goliath.



Pre-K and 1st grade play a hymn on the handbells.



A third-grader preaches about love.

Welcome to Stanley SDA School!

Is this your child?Landon Good and Preston Jones are very excited to be at Thornton River Orchard!
He’s developing an active and creative mind…She’s demonstrating a sense of understanding and compassion for others…They’re practicing courage to act on their beliefs…

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could depend on your children’s school to reinforce the values and critical thinking skills you are trying to teach them at home?

At Stanley Seventh-day Adventist School, we are committed to maintaining the kind of high expectations that promote academic excellence and self-disciplined behavior. We are dedicated to the creation of a positive learning environment where teachers and students practice respect, trust and support. We seek the total development of each child: spiritual, moral, intellectual, social, emotional and physical.

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